Our Members


  • Adam Mor, MD, PhD

    • Principal Investigator

    Adam Mor is a board-certified rheumatologist and a highly trained and experienced molecular immunologist currently directing the Mor lab at Columbia University.

    Adam Mor, PhD
  • Robert Winchester, MD

    • Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Cell Biology
    Robert Winchester, MD
  • Syed Bukhari, PhD

    • Associate Research Scientist

    Syed Bukhari earned his PhD degree from the University of Kashmir, focusing on cancer proteomics. Throughout his postdoctoral training, he engineered novel tumor specific antibodies to control cellular functions and to uncover signaling pathways related to cancer metabolism. In the Mor Lab, and using single cell RNA sequencing approaches, he studies the cellular and molecular basis of immune related adverse events associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Syed is an avid cyclist.

    Syed Bukhari, PhD
  • Shalom Lerrer, PhD

    • Associate Research Scientist

    Shalom Lerrer received his PhD degree from Tel Aviv University where he studied the role of inflammatory mediators in breast cancer pathogenesis. Shalom has developed multiple robust cellular assays to study immune checkpoint inhibitor functions, and currently he is using these methods to study novel mechanisms regulating PD-1 signaling and functions. In his free time, he enjoys reading contemporary literature, cooking, and exploring historic sites in NJ.

    Shalom Lerrer, PhD
  • Ruijiang (Ray) Song, PhD

    • Associate Research Scientist
Adam Mor, MD, PhD, with members of the Mor Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Jenny Gartshteyn, MD

    • Rheumatology Fellow

    Jenny Gartshteyn is a board-certified rheumatologist and a translational scientist at Columbia University Medical Center. Her research interests include immunopathology and mechanisms of autoimmune diseases. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, theater and modern art.

  • Matthieu Paiola, PhD

    • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Emily Moore in Lab


  • Emily Moore, BS

    • MD-PhD Candidate

    Emily Moore is an MD-PhD student who joined the lab in 2020 to study the biology of PAG, an inhibitory transmembrane adaptor protein in T cells. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, where she developed an interest in immunology through her research of immunometabolism in NK cells. Outside of the lab, she enjoys taking ballet classes and seeing Broadway shows (when global pandemics permit).

    Emily Moore
  • Matilda Black

    • MD Candidate
  • Luke Hao

    • MD Candidate
  • Carly Tymm, BS

    • MD-PhD Candidate
Kieran Adam prepares samples for Mor Lab


  • Xizi Hu, MA

    • Lab Manager and Research Technician

    Xizi Hu received her bachelor’s degree from University of Virginia and master’s degree from Columbia University. In the lab, she works on in-vitro studies as well as clinical studies of immune related adverse events of ICI treatments. Outside of lab, she is a cat lover who also enjoys skiing, fishing, and exploring new places.

  • David Portnoy

    • Research Technician
Members of the Mor Lab pose for picture during wilderness hike.

Former Members

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