T32 Postdoctoral Training Program

Molecular and Translational Rheumatology

Molecular and translational rheumatology is the future dimension of a career in rheumatology at a research university like Columbia. Translational rheumatology involves bringing the rheumatology patient and their disease into the laboratory to unravel the mechanisms responsible for their disease. The goal is simply to understand what is wrong with the patient in molecular terms so that improved and individualized therapies can be developed.

If you are curious about improving understanding of the disease and motivated to improve insight into treatment, then you have what it takes to become a translational rheumatologist. The responsibility of the Division is to provide the training that you need to succeed in this type of an academic career and the principal mechanism for this critical part of your career development is the T32.

Program Mission

The program’s mission is to train promising early career investigators in the methodologies and approaches needed for scientific careers in molecular and translational rheumatology. Eligible candidates are PhD or MD postdoctoral scientists or rheumatology fellows who are committed to autoimmunity research. By providing an innovative training environment that builds on the considerable strengths of Columbia University and supported by a superb set of mentors, we offer three training tracks: genetic predisposition of autoimmunity, mechanisms of rheumatic diseases, and progression to clinical disease.

Program Design

This program consists of one-on-one training by the mentors, as well as required lectures and coursework, and includes optional degree coursework. A major focus of research program is on learning to bridge computational science with the molecular and cellular biology of rheumatic diseases.

Explore Our Research

For more details on the individual research programs within the Division of Rheumatology, please visit the Mor Lab, the Bathon Lab, and Winchester lab websites or contact Dr. Winchester at rjw8@cumc.columbia.edu to explore additional opportunities.