The mission of the Division of Rheumatology, first and foremost, is to enhance the quality of life for the thousands of patients who come to Columbia University Medical Center seeking our care. As part of a leading academic institution, the Division of Rheumatology at Columbia has a clear directive to capitalize on its capabilities in basic, translational, and clinical research to optimize patient care.

Rheumatology at Columbia has a long and distinguished history in the study and treatment of rheumatic diseases and in the mentoring and training of leaders in the field of rheumatology. For nearly a century it has been our goal to be first and foremost in clinical care, research, and the training of clinician scientists. This is achievable by the seamless integration of medicine, science, and education that allows us to continually identify clinical challenges, carry out the studies that will help us to develop better treatment methods and engage new and seasoned physicians and researchers in superior fellowship training and ongoing medical education opportunities.

Columbia University Medical Center is a recognized leader in rheumatology and immunology research. Our scientists are involved in ongoing studies aimed at better understanding the mechanisms behind inflammatory and autoimmune disorders -- as well as in clinical trials that provide valuable insight into the development of more effective treatments. We will continue to pursue major scientific advances in meeting the challenge of rheumatologic disorders to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

Joan M. Bathon, MD, Division Director
Department of Medicine, Columbia University

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